San Joaquin Valley Regional Conservation Investment Strategy

An Innovative Approach to Protecting Water, Agriculture, and Habitat in the San Joaquin Valley

Learn about the San Joaquin Valley Regional Conservation Strategy (RCIS), the benefits it can provide, and how you can get involved!

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A Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (RCIS) is a science-based, voluntary conservation plan that identifies at-risk plants, animals, and natural resources, and proposes specific conservation actions to protect them. An RCIS creates opportunities for large-scale conservation and mitigation projects resulting in higher ecological benefits than project-by-project efforts.

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The San Joaquin Valley RCIS

The San Joaquin Valley is an important agricultural region in California that also provides critical environmental resources. The region faces numerous interrelated challenges, such as climate change, groundwater overdraft, and habitat loss. The San Joaquin RCIS will be a comprehensive conservation framework, guiding actions to generate meaningful ecosystem improvements, incentivize investment, and increase community resilience.

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The San Joaquin Valley RCIS is being designed to create multiple community and environmental benefits in the region. Once approved, the RCIS can support future conservation funding efforts, as well as facilitate mitigation for large public-benefit projects (including through Mitigation Credit Agreements). The RCIS development team encourages regional participation in both the planning and implementation of the RCIS. Visit our News and Updates page to find information related to public meetings, public comment periods, and more.

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Contact us to get involved in the San Joaquin Valley RCIS

The San Joaquin Valley RCIS is currently being drafted, and your input is invaluable to the process. 
Contact RCIS Sponsor Resource District 2092 to see how you can get involved. Opportunities include joining our Steering Committee, meeting with our planning team, and more!

Do you have questions about the San Joaquin Valley RCIS?

Explore this website to learn about the San Joaquin Valley RCIS and track its progress. If you have questions, contact us.

The San Joaquin Valley RCIS is part of a broader conservation effort, led by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Visit the CDFW website to learn more about the RCIS program.

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